Another day in paradise

Entering Paradise :)
17th January 2021
Tres Hombres, Coconuts and Island vibes
22nd January 2021

The days fly by, in the mornings everyone makes their schoolwork and in the afternoon we either go ashore to explore the island or have a Guppy day which means minicat sailing, swimming, snorkeling and running around on the beautiful white beach right in front of Guppy’s bow. 

Our next stop is st.vincent and the grenadines but we need to have approval and we rather wait for that approval here where we can go where we want than in quarantine there 😉 Yesterday some of the group swam over to a neighboring yacht on which I had seen teens walk around as well. It turned out to be a family with a boy and girl of 13&14 years old from Wales. They became friends straight away, so we invited them over to Guppy and they spent all of the afternoon until after sunset, sailing minicat, snorkeling and swimming together 🙂