Red sky at night, sailors delight

Into the trade winds
19th December 2021
Guppy’s Christmas Bakery
23rd December 2021

My hope for having found the trade winds receded a bit as it hasn’t picked up to its usual speed. The wind is still only varying between 8-12kn which luckily is just enough to sail – although it seems a high-pressure system ( no wind) is trying to sneak up to us from the north so we’re trying to get a bit further south in the hopes of keeping wind a bit longer. The days are starting to melt together as everyone finds their routine of daily life at sea. doing schoolwork, changing sails, plotting our position, reading & making music. The weather has been great and we have enjoyed some very stunning sunsets – especially last night, we had had a completely cloudless day and the sky turned from blue to orange, pink, purple and at last trowing a beautiful red-orange glow on the sea in front of us. Once the sun was gone it didn’t take long for a big orange ball to appear on the opposite direction and the moon found it’s place among the many stars above us. To my big surprise, Sander continues to catch fish which we have been eating in many different ways & dishes – but I have asked him to stop fishing for a few days now as we have had quite a bit of Mahi Mahi – never thought we would get to that stage haha.