Guppy’s Christmas Bakery

Red sky at night, sailors delight
21st December 2021
Merry Christmas from the Atlantic Ocean
25th December 2021

We still have wind, a little patchy, and lots of squalls today, but we’re moving along nicely. Yesterday I got out my sextant again and did a successful sight, 20 miles out though – definitely need more practice, but it felt good to do it anyway 🙂 Last night we passed our halfway point and baked an apple pie to celebrate. In the meanwhile, Guppy’s Galley has become a full-time bakery. Everyone is making something nice for Christmas and they just wanted to ”try” small batches to see if it tasted good before making a lot. So we have had cookies, Christmas bread ( with raisins and cinnamon), banana bread, cinnamon rolls, and of course today the apple pie. Most of it was a definite success and only a bit of butter, sugar & flour has flown around the Galley so far… So I think the teens will have at least enough yummy sweet things for Christmas. I think our contribution will have to be the actual dinner part though – something without sugar 😉