Into the trade winds

Whales, Dolphins, Fish & 1980nm ahead.
17th December 2021
Red sky at night, sailors delight
21st December 2021

After another full day of light winds and squalls, the wind slowly steadied out. The squalls also brought a fair bit of rain this time, rather than the poor drizzle we had been getting from squalls before. We used the rain to clean the cockpit and just enjoy the feeling of freshwater drops on our faces. We also continue to see many flying fishes both being hunted in the ocean and dried out on the deck in the morning… We also had adopted a white bird for three days, it sat on the mizzen, mast, bowsprit, and spreaders in turns only flying off occasionally – maybe to go fishing? But we haven’t seen the bird for most of the day now so we’re afraid it may have gone off to other horizons. Yesterday night the steady trade winds finally filled in and Guppy has been up to much better speeds since then. We celebrated it by making and eating some very yummy Veggie burgers and fries, while looking at a stunning sunset. The sky has also cleared and there is only the occasional white fluffy cloud among the blue sky. Of course with the wind also came some waves, but the sea is still very gentle which is great for the big Sunday ship cleaning which is today 😉