Whales, Dolphins, Fish & 1980nm ahead.

Islands of the Cape Verde
15th December 2021
Into the trade winds
19th December 2021

So far we have had an amazing start to our Atlantic crossing, well that is after we finally managed to get our anchor up…
We heard a strange rattling noise as we hoisted the anchor and the more came up the more we understood what was causing it. Our anchor had caught hold of a chain off an old sunken mooring buoy for cargo ships. The huge chain was wrapped around Guppy’s chain, sliding down to wrap around our anchor as we hoist. The chain of the old mooring buoy was so heavy that we weren’t able to take it off by hand so we ended up having to tie up some lines and use winches to untangle the mess. The slow departure was made up for good winds and quiet seas for the rest of the day though 🙂 Sander even caught a middle-sized Mahi Mahi, so we had some fish for dinner. The sea remained calm, but clouds came at night and the wind dropped to a miserable 4kn… The sails flapped a bit and eventually, we motored a few hours. By morning the wind decided to return, not much, still only around 10kn, but with the quiet sea just enough to sail along nicely. Some of the girls took turns steering Guppy while a whale quietly cruised at about two meters distance past Guppy. We have an almost full moon lighting the sea at night while dolphins play around the bow. The wind continues to be light, enough to sail through and with the warm sun in our back and the quiet sea, I don’t think we could have a much better start to our crossing.