Sailing through a painting of meteorology lessons

a huge fish,
1st April 2021
Happy Easter and flying lasagna
5th April 2021

April starts with one of the most beautiful days so far. The weather is calm but Guppy still has enough wind to sail, even when just at 3 to 4kn at times. Everyone started with some exercising like sit-ups and planking but that got interrupted because a big whale (I think a blue whale) passed guppy’s path to other territory’s of more plankton 😉 Of course, these calm days are also good for cleaning, washing, and taking a shower. At sea, the weather mostly decides when things are done or not. So we seized the moment and also decided to make a yummy homemade pizza for everyone, which we happily ate while watching the first stars appear. Yesterday was still fairly quiet weather but the clouds on the horizon showed me some change. It didn’t take long before the sun had been shaded by dark clouds and we got some really good rain showers, so we are definitely not salty anymore but the rain certainly didn’t stop us from standing on the bow to see a playful group of dolphins keeping guppy company. We are now surrounded by many different types and layers of clouds. Some are peaceful others foretelling of weather to come. There won’t be a better time for the teens to get some great meteorology lessons. The rays of the sun are shining through the holes in the clouds while the sky turns into the most stunning colors and formations. We feel like sailing through a real-life painting with a beautiful blue sea underneath.