a huge fish,

Guppy flying along,
30th March 2021
Sailing through a painting of meteorology lessons
3rd April 2021

After three days of sailing with lots of spray and salt on deck, Neptune decides to give us a break. The waves and wind calm down a fair bit and suddenly the cockpit is bustling with life again. Books and games are taken out and there is lots of laughter. Guppy is sailing along really nicely and the dolphins that accompanied us two days ago came back this morning. But I think we have sailed out of their territory now as after an hour they turned around going south. Sander and Florian almost caught a fish yesterday, but it was really huge, and after some struggling the fish won and returned to the sea. So Guppy still is the better fisher with all the flying fish she catches on deck. But they haven’t given up hope yet. There is still 1870nm more to go to the Azores, so plenty of water with fish to catch 😉