Happy birthday :)

A hike around the Caldeira and time for the Guppy Games
23rd April 2021
Lazy dolphins under a gray sky
28th April 2021

I take another look at the weather, sigh… it’s still not looking great. Lots of headwinds in the prediction, and it does not seem to change anytime soon. So we have to deal with that. The first one and a half day we still had great winds, 30kn from the side, and Guppy was racing along, making a 24hr run of 184nm. However, it was quite rough and some stomachs were not very happy with this sudden movement after days in a quiet harbor. But, it’s now our third day out at sea, and everyone feels much better already. The wind has also calmed down a bit and turned, so for the moment we are heading towards mid-Portugal at its best… Well.., that’s the rules of the sea 😉 Today is a happy day because it is Sanders birthday 🙂 Florian and Babs made a delicious apple pie and of course, we sang a song and have a little present for him.