Only 160nm to go to Sint Maarten

A lazy day
27th December 2021
Hello St.Martin & Happy New Year to Everyone!
31st December 2021

Yesterday was another beautifully sunny day with little wind, but most of the day we were able to move under sail 🙂 It’s so much nicer to be able to turn the engine off and glide slowly over the smooth ocean. Also, a lot of our young crew got to practice with the sextant, it was a perfect day with a reasonable straight horizon and clear sun – even so getting it down on the horizon and timed correctly proved to be very difficult and it gave many a new sense and appreciation of modern-day navigation aids, but also the skills of sailors in the ”old days”. Today is a very different day, the sea and waves are confused, making Guppy roll a bit more, there have also been some squalls with wind and lots of rain passing over us most of the morning. Luckily it’s warm, so the rain doesn’t bother us much and spirits are high as we’re getting ever closer to our next destination. Only 160nm to go now, how many hours that will take us, depends a bit on the wind 😉