A lazy day

Merry Christmas from the Atlantic Ocean
25th December 2021
Only 160nm to go to Sint Maarten
29th December 2021

The wind has left, after all, we knew that would come, and even so, it’s always a bit sad to see it go… what remains is a world of different shades of blue with Guppy’s bright red hull in the midst of it all. There is not a single cloud on the horizon and we have spanned out a few extra tarp’s and sheets to create more shade now that there is no wind to cool off from or clouds to have some solstice from the hot sun. There is still a little swell left, the ocean never rests… It’s an ever-moving and changing companion alongside us. The perfectly clear skies made for a very spectacular night sky and we all just sat or lay down looking up at the pure beauty of the display above us. We have started the engine, in stationary forward, just slowly making our way forward now to save diesel but keep enough speed to keep Guppy from rolling mercilessly on the leftover swell. Sometimes the puffs of wind raise above 5kn and we’re able to sail for a little while before it gives up again. Yesterday we had our big Sunday cleaning, so today is a perfect day to just hang out in the shade, enjoy playing music together, read and adjust Guppy’s sails whenever we think we may be able to sail for a while. A bit of a lazy day – not just for the wind 😉