Hello St.Martin & Happy New Year to Everyone!

Only 160nm to go to Sint Maarten
29th December 2021
Fixing the boom, Minicat sailing, and island exploring.
5th January 2022

As I got out for my early morning watch taking over from Sander I peered over the horizon as usual and spotted the shapes of landmasses from both St.Barths & St.Maarten already quite clearly in front of us. It was bound to be another hot day with the few clouds that were there at night rapidly disappearing under the rising sun. We made good speeds and it was around lunchtime that we sailed past the coast of St.Maarten. Gliding over the blue Caribbean water and making our way between the many superyachts that like to visit these islands as well, a dinghy came up close to us and while waving one of the girls ( who is from the BVI) realized her dad was on the Tender. He had flown over to surprise his daughter – really cool! 🙂 We anchor in crystal clear blue water around 1 pm. Many yachts from all around the world are swaying around us on their anchor and I gather some current information from our neighbors as to the clearing in procedures. With the current world situation that changes so often that it’s hard to keep up especially when having been at sea for 15 days! They informed us of the formalities which I proceeded to carry out – while the rest of the crew cleaned up a little but mostly enjoyed the blue warm water, talked to their families over the phone, and enjoyed our new view 🙂 I managed to get our formalities done and we were all able to go ashore in the late afternoon. We climbed up to the fort on top of the hill – It’s always nice to be able to walk & run after a while at sea, and sat there watching the sunset over the bay. Afterwards the group had a bite to eat in one of the local food places and of course some ice cream 😉 Today I no longer let them get away with just a light clean of their own cabins – lets go into the new year clean and organized 😉 So they spend most of the morning tidying their cabins which resulted in a lot of laundry for me, hmmm.. and also a lot of lost items that were found haha. Now it’s time for swimming, getting some new years snacks and supplies from the supermarket, and baking some more yummy stuff that will help us keep tummy’s happy until 12am 😉 

We want to wish everyone a very happy new year, that you may be able to achieve the things you set out to do, keep learning, enjoy life, and help each other. 

Laura, Sander, Tim, and the rest of the Guppy Crew 🙂 

And we’re off – 2400nm of Atlantic Ocean in front of the bow
Very close whale encounter about a day out from the Cape Verde
Wildlife watch – Dolphins playing under the bow.
Concentrated at keeping Guppy on course
Halfway Mark Apple Pie ready to go in the oven.
The Christmas tree is almost collapsing under the weight of the presents ( which yes are also IN the tree..)
We had some amazing sunsets
Making Christmas cookies!
Opening our Secret Santa gifts
Christmas Eve
Climb up to the old fort in Marigot