Fixing the boom, Minicat sailing, and island exploring.

Hello St.Martin & Happy New Year to Everyone!
31st December 2021
Caribbean Sailing & water skiing
13th January 2022

New year’s eve was spent playing hide and seek with the teens, eating cake and other yummy things, playing games, and finally having a dive into the water just as it turned new year. There were nice fireworks around us and on Anguilla, which is an island close to us, we could see from the Bay. 

In the days following we put the Minicat together, did capsizing training, set up Guppy’s spinnaker boom swing, explored the island, and swam a lot! On the 2nd our crew Cristina went for a walk to the zip-lining and climbing park with the group, which is situated in a tropical forest part of the island. Sander and I didn’t join on that trip as we had another important task. Our main boom had developed a crack on the last day of our crossing and we needed to find a way and place to get it repaired on the Island. We ended up having to take the boom of Guppy and take it halfway across the island by dinghy to FKG, a yard where they could weld a plate over it. They did a very professional job and the people were incredibly friendly and helpful in getting the boom fixed quickly and the way we wanted it. Huge thanks to the guys on FKG for their support and help! Besides the boom, we have also been doing some other ship maintenance like servicing winches and changing the engine and generator oil. Yesterday was a bit of a sad day as we went to the airport to say goodbye to one of our young crew who sadly had to go home again. We did go to the beach first, to watch the big plane come in and a part of the group got a bit sandblasted as one of the planes left and they hadn’t taken my advice to not stand right behind the plane seriously haha. Today we will put Guppy’s boom back on, do a rigging check and get ready to leave St.Martin behind us again to explore more islands of the Caribbean =D


New Years Dive
Fireworks at new years
The Guppy swing 🙂
Such beautifully clear water, we can’t get enough of it.
Offloading at FKG
All fixed, just a bit of paint and we’re ready to go 🙂
Island Exploring
This year we have a very international young crew 🙂 From Left to Right: German, BVI/Canada, French/South African, New Zealand, German, Dutch, New Zealand, German, Hawaii, German and of course Cristina from Spain and Sander Dutch who are not in the picture