Ships Maintanance

Sailing, Climbing, visiting Race Boats, so much to tell!
4th March 2021
Setting Sail Again
15th March 2021

Our new students have been with us for a week now and have gotten nicely into the rhythm. We are still anchored in Simpson Bay where Guppy softly rolls on the light swell that curls around the island. I always like it when we still move a little at anchor. It keeps my body used to a moving home and it’s so lovely to be rocked to sleep. Besides our Island explorations we have taken it somewhat easy, doing light maintenance on Guppy like changing engine oil, doing some sanding work, and taking a winch apart. Of course, we always involve the group in all the things we do, it’s part of living on a boat. One of the most important things to have a successful journey is definitely good preparation and knowing your ship inside and out. A few days ago a part of the group liked to go scuba diving, so we booked the Discover Scuba Dives with Aquamania. Some had dived a little before and been looking for a chance to explore the underwater world of the Caribbean.  I didn’t go myself, because sadly for a few years now, I can’t go to depth anymore, because I can’t clear my ears. But once back they told me enthusiastically they had seen a sunken submarine, helicopter and of course lots of different colored fish 🙂 Besides diving, ship maintenance, swimming, and of course schoolwork in the mornings we enjoy some easy afternoons on the beach, or they enjoy sailing the Minicat. We also picked up a new crew member and so we walked one more time to the airport to watch planes come over and pick up Florian, who will be a crew member for the journey back to Europe. Today we got a nice visit from some of the crew and the captain of the Green Dragon which is the race yacht we visited recently, Babs and Lucas did a great job on giving them a tour of Guppy and we spontaneously decided to invite them to stay for our delicious dinner existing of kaiserschmarrn, which Annika & Lucas made.


Getting ready to change the engine oil
And of course also changing the filters
Guppy at Anchor in Simpson Bay
the Minicat
Our view at night 🙂
Lets go diving
Lots of fish!
Our faithful boat taxi 😉
On the way to the airport
Waiting for Florian at the Maho Beach for the plane to come over
Nice chats with the crew of the Green Dragon on board Guppy
and kaiserschmarrn for dinner