Pictures of our crossing

Azores, land ahoy!
13th April 2021
A meeting between Guppy and the Johann Smidt (previous Eendracht)
17th April 2021

We arrived in the Azores 🙂 Here are some pictures of our crossing. Overall it was a really good crossing. The weather definitely kept us busy but we had good winds and made great progress. It was a crossing full of amazing sunsets, sunrises & cloud formations.

Of to a great start
Clouds are coming in
Weather is definitely changing now
Somehow it always bucketed down with rain when Sander and Lucas were on watch
Hi =D
Watching the sunrise
Some very squally days with lots of wind in it.
In my element 🙂
Heavy Weather! Ok maybe it wasn’t that bad 😉
The sun placing us in a golden world.
The Lasagna accident
Land Ahoy!