Azores, land ahoy!

Getting colder and a slippery floor
11th April 2021
Pictures of our crossing
14th April 2021

It’s 6 am, I am sitting in the cockpit watching a big golden fireball rise above the horizon. It’s casting a beautiful golden glow on the sea in front of Guppy. Annika stands on the bow, soaking in all of the beauty around us while Mike is down below making himself breakfast, while the rest is still sleeping. The past two days have been quiet, the wind made a huge shift leaving Guppy becalmed for a little while, rolling from side to side on the swell. Ugh, no wind at sea is the worst… Luckily it didn’t last long, and now Guppy is sailing downwind with the genoa boomed out. Only 50nm to go, the islands are getting close now and the anticipation and excitement can be felt onboard. No land in sight yet, but our heads turn more often to the piece of the horizon where the blob of land should appear. If the wind stays like this we will make it with daylight, but that’s the great thing about sailing, the weather decides our itinerary.