Getting colder and a slippery floor

Squalls and lightning
9th April 2021
Azores, land ahoy!
13th April 2021

The weather has calmed down considerably. No more lightning at night, and just a few squalls with max 40kn of wind. Guppy is sailing along really nicely with 10 to 15kn from the SW, gently swaying over the swell and we enjoy some sunshine on our face. We have seen dolphins several more times and there are also quite a few ”man o’ war” jellyfish that float by. We have been sailing for 13 days now,  and everyone is in a peaceful rhythm of watches, schoolwork, and some chill time. As our latitude goes up the temperature has kept dropping, and the saloon is more becoming the cozy warm place to get together. For the first time in months, we have dug out our shoes, socks, and foul weather gear. Because the weather has calmed down a bit, the kids decided to make pancakes for dinner however, someone still didn’t quite have their sea legs (hands) and dropped the bottle of cooking oil on the galley floor. The cooking then looked more like an ice skating competition… A lot of dishwashing liquid was needed to sort out this slippery situation…