Squalls and lightning

Mysterious light… 
7th April 2021
Getting colder and a slippery floor
11th April 2021

The nights of squalls and lightning continue. The wind has been around 25 to 30kn, and Guppy is sailing under staysail double reefed main and single reefed mizzen. But since the wind and waves are from beam-astern it’s not uncomfortable. Yesterday night however one of the fronts hit us with 51kn of wind. Sander and his kids had just come off watch swapping with Florian when I felt Guppy heel more and the wind started howling through the rigging. We both jumped out of bed into our foul weather gear, but while doing that, Sander lost his footing and crashed into the saloon table… Anyway, when we came outside Florian and his watch seem to have Guppy under control, and after the wind eased down a little we decided to go back to bed again 😉