Mysterious light… 

Happy Easter and flying lasagna
5th April 2021
Squalls and lightning
9th April 2021

For the past two nights, Guppy has been sailing through lots of heavy lightning and squalls, making the night watches even more exciting. However, somehow the kids with Sander’s watch, always seem to get the worst of it with the most rain. We even tried swapping watches, but he still got the worst part haha. Yesterday night Florian and the kids suddenly saw a light between the streaming rain and lightning, but no ship on the AIS or radar, nor did the navigation lights make any sense. He decided to call the mysterious ship over the VHF but it didn’t answer. They kept watching closely and got even more puzzled when the light kept growing bigger, and also going up. There was lots of laughter when we all realized Florian had been trying to call the moon… But he is not the only person who did that, as I also know how it feels 😉 As soon as dawn arrives the sun chases the clouds away and the days are clear and lovely. Tim makes his morning round over deck to find all the dead flying fish and give them a proper Seamans (fish) burial. Oh, and we are already over halfway.