Exploring the Tobago Keys paradise & Palm hats

10 year anniversary of my circumnavigation
21st January 2022
Our music video =D
2nd February 2022

We stayed for a few days in Bequia, walking around the cute little town & having a campfire and barbecue on the beach with baked potatoes and bananas with chocolate wrapped in Aluminum foil. Some of the group tried waterskiing again and we also got to borrow a wakeboard. After all of the water fun, we also explored the land a bit and did a little hike on the Island, climbing up to the highest peak which overlooks the bay where Guppy lays peacefully anchored. We could have stayed in Bequia so much longer but it was time to move on and so we sailed to Mayreau, a really nice 5 hour sail. Mayreau is a little island with a small village but mostly a lot of palm trees, white beaches and coral reefs around. The big empty beach with palm trees is an excellent setting for learning how to make palm hats, swimming, and filming our music video – yes stay tuned for that, it’s coming soon! 😉 Turns out we have a very musical group but also some talented actors on board haha. 

The anchorage in Mayreau is beautiful and full of little sardines which are being hunted by Tuna, sometimes they leap meters out of the water. Locals regularly come by in little boats asking if they can make a BBQ with local food on the beach and we decided that would be very nice to do. So we had a really nice evening on the beach in Mayreau next to a BBQ on which lay some spareribs, tuna steak, baked potatoes, plantain and some nice salads on the side. As for dessert, we had banana bread all made by the hand of our local hosts. Our next stop is the Tobago Keys, only an hour sail from Mayreau – but going upwind in between the reefs and islands it requires a lot of tacking and sail handling which our young crew met with great enthusiasm. The Tobago Keys is another one of these idyllic Caribbean places, it’s a cluster of some uninhabited islands, covered in low scrubs, coral, amazing shells and of course palm trees. The water is shallow and a perfect turquoise blue – the snorkelling around here is very nice. So after almost a week on and around the little paradise islands, we started heading back up north, towards the main island, St.Vincent. Which is in fact very different from the Grenadines just south and belonging to St.Vincent. The main island is high, covered in a green and very lush pack of trees, waterfalls, hidden valleys, and small villages. We sailed along the leeward coast anchoring in Wallilabou bay which is used as a film set for many shots in the first three movies of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The bay is incredibly deep which means we have to anchor very close to shore and the best way to give some space to other boats and have some extra security as well, is to tie the stern up to a palm tree ashore. After a very busy week full of adventures we have a lazy day today with only the big Guppy cleaning day, and some swimming on the program. But we do have some nice walks and waterfalls to look forward to in the next week =D 


Minicat Sailing in Bequia
Preparing for our beach BBQ
Starting our beach BBQ – Campfire
Our own Beach BBQ in Bequia
Hike to the highest point on Bequia
Making Palm Hats
The results of our palm hat making day =D
Our lovely dinner on the beach in Mayreau
Shooting our music video 🙂
Anchored in the Tobago Keys
Tobago Keys Snorkeling
Locals coming by with souvenirs in St.Vincent
Anchored in Wallilabou – Pirates of the Carribean film Set