Turtles and uninhabited islands.

Into the Jungle
11th February 2021
Yes! Fresh fish for dinner
23rd February 2021

Early in the morning we set out by foot with Mike and Babs to get more provisions. We walk to the Digicel shop which is about 2km what would have otherwise taken 2 different bus rides. We buy a sim card with some data so I can keep organizing while we’re anchored in front of the next uninhabited islands. Next stop is a big supermarket where we buy a whole lot of meat, veggies and fruits for the coming weeks. Back to Guppy we do take the bus because our bags are now heavy and our feet tired 😉 The bus ride is almost like riding a rollercoaster with the booming music, windy roads and insane speeds. We are back at the dinghy dock in no time.  Everyone helps to stow away our new supplies and get Guppy ready for sailing. It’s a very nice two hour sail to Bequia where we anchor amidst many other yachts, a lot of which we have seen before. Coming onto the beautiful white beach we encounter some people we know, who are getting ready to sit around a little campfire on the beach. We are all invited and enjoy a nice evening on the beach chatting, laughing and dodging the circling smoke of the fire in our midst. When we step back on board our clothes all smell like campfire.. The following day we go for a little walk into the cute town which lays at the end of the bay. The houses are small and colorful, the streets full of decorated shells, little shops and a few locals selling their own made necklaces and bracelets. There is a nice walk along the coast made out of wooden and concrete pathways that follow their way around the rocks and over the shallow coral. We walk past a few cafes and restaurants but of course we can’t walk past a really good looking ice cream place without stopping.. But even though Bequia is really beautiful there is a lot more beauty hiding in the Grenadines that I like to show. So after another peaceful night at anchor and a good breakfast we hoist up the anchor and set sail for the 25nm toward the Tobago Cays. There is a good wind and it only takes us about 3hrs to put that distance behind us. We anchor in a protected bay behind the island of Mayreau. There are lots of palm trees here and I start teaching the group how to weave palm-hats out of the leaves while Sander finds some good coconuts and opens these with the nice machete which was gifted to us by the Tres Hombres 🙂 Even though most of the group managed to get something that looks like a hat.. I think they’re going to need a little more practice but one of the hats becomes a nice looking basket instead😜. Mayreau is one of the bigger islands close to the Tobago Cays with a population of about 200. All of the islands in the Cays itself are uninhabited and that is our next stop. Sailing between lots of small islands and reefs means needing to keep an extra good watch and of course lots of sail handling which the group is doing really well by now. We are racing along with mizzen, reefed main and the inner staysail over crystal clear water. And even though I know it’s more than 10meters deep it’s still somewhat nerve wracking to see the bottom shoot by under Guppy’s keel, so clear. We play volleyball on the beach but most of us are so bad at it that we just give up and go swimming instead 😉 While snorkeling the next day around the Tobago Cays we see stingrays, turtles and lots of colorful fish and corals. Our two year old Tim has gone from hating water at the beginning of our journey to loving swimming so much that we need to really watch him that he doesn’t climb down the stairs and float away with the current..  At least he always wears his life jacket and he knows he doesn’t do well without it so he gladly wears it. We enjoy two nice days swimming and snorkeling around the Tobago Cays before heading over to Union island to clear out and spend our last night in these beautiful waters in front of Petit St.Vincent were turtles are constantly swimming around Guppy. Tomorrow we will set sail to Martinique which is a 24hr sail. After all these English influences we are ready for some French croissants and baguette 😉


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