Biking Adventure and sailing along the waddensea.

Start of Europe Trip 2021
12th August 2021
19th August 2021

At 8.30 sharp we all stood in front of the bike rental to collect our bikes for the day. After we had collected our bikes we came back onboard Guppy to find that Sander had put out a very big and lovely breakfast for us. So after we all had our bellies filled we stepped on the bikes, riding past green pastures with lots of sheep and small towns on the island. Our first destination is the Juttersmuseum. Jutten is a dutch word and means to collect things from the beach. On these islands, it used to be done rather out of necessity. People would collect things they found in the hopes of being able to use them. Like washed up wood for the houses but also to sell things that would wash up from wrecks or things that fall overboard. In this museum, they have been collecting things for a long time, and therefore there is a huge collection spread out over several sheds and outside areas. There is a fun treasure hunt throughout the museum and a playground outside so we spend several hours here. Since we’re already halfway across the island to the north side we bike another half to the beach. Have a lovely walk along the beach and a well-deserved hot chocolate break in a beach restaurant. 

On the way back the kids bike a whole lot slower than the way here and we only just make it back to the bike rental place in time to give the bikes back 😉 

Then it’s time for dinner, Valentijn’s turn this time together with Emmanuel ( 9) and Carla (11) he made some delicious wraps with salsa sauce. After this long but educational and fun day, the dinner was enjoyed in satisfied silence. After dinner, the kids that weren’t tired enough yet from the day’s activities decided to go crab fishing again and the others settled on the couch with a book or writing their day’s diary entry. 

One more night on Texel before setting off for a ‘’long’’ sail to Terschelling. Long as 5 – 6  hours of sailing which is just around the corner for me but the longest trip yet for the kids onboard 🙂 

We are very lucky with the weather – good wind to sail, in the right direction and with nice blue skies and sunshine to accompany us. It’s just past 5 pm as we enter the harbor and moor Guppy next to a very old little navy ship ( more than 65 years old!) Tonight we treat the kids to pancakes for dinner ( a dutch thing ) Balde (10) and Jane (9) Did a great job helping to make a big stack of yummy pancakes. A bit more crab fishing after dinner before it’s off to bed. 

Biking to the Juttersmuseum
Inside a 100person LifeBoat in the Juttersmuseum
Arrived in Terschelling 🙂