Big Green Mountains

Tres Hombres, Coconuts and Island vibes
22nd January 2021
The Guppy effect
31st January 2021

The last days in Barbados we moved to another anchorage, further north and more quiet than Bridgetown. After all the practice on the catamaran, two of the teens felt confident enough to sail alongside Guppy, as we cruise 10nm along the leeward shore of Barbados. Every now and then they veer off to pick up some trash out of the water or yell to us that they see fish or turtles under the catamaran. Sander has another try at catching fish but no luck, the minicat seems to be better at fishing as it caught a whole load of sardines that jumped into the trampoline net! In Port St. Charles we are able to explore a more green and rural part of Barbados. When I open my mail, I see that we have received our permission to come to St.Vincent and the Grenadines 🙂 So in the afternoon we pack the Minicat together and stow it in its proper place. It’s a 90nm sail and because of the new rules someone needs to be there to guide us to a quarantine mooring buoy so we have to arrive with daylight. We decide to leave around 3am so we can sail mostly during the day and will still arrive with daylight. It’s beautiful sailing as always in the Caribbean, because the wind and weather are pretty much always the same. Of course I still look at the weather before leaving but it tells me what I had already expected. 20-25knots out of the east like usual. Guppy is in her element and race’s along the blue sea doing 9 knots while the warm Caribbean sun rises on our faces. I am happy to be out at sea again even if it’s just a short trip. It’s the time where everyone really comes to rest, reads a book, watches the ocean or takes their own quiet time to think about life. Which works way better in our own bubble, disconnected from the world with only our own stories and thoughts. Towards the end of the morning we spot clouds on the horizon, they almost always hang above the islands and not much later the first vague lines of land appear. We sail into the anchorage around 3pm, it’s beautiful and sheltered. The island is covered in lush green high mountains and we just can’t wait to go ashore and start exploring this island which is full of amazing nature, vegetation, reefs & sea-life. 


A whole load of sardines jumped onto the minicat!
Approaching St.Vincent
Babs steering Guppy into the bay