Magical encounter

Sun and green soup…
30th April 2021
Satellite train…
4th May 2021

During the night we start seeing lights on the horizon. They belong to windmills and small towns on the Costa del Norte, the Spanish mainland. Around us are lights of cargo ships, moving up and down the coast. The wind has driven us here and now we are so close that we decide to pull into a small harbor to take on some fuel and make a small repair in the top of the mast on the furler. Within two hours we are done and on the move again. Slowly sailing and later motoring into the Bay of Biscay. The night is flat calm, one of those magical nights at sea. Stars reflecting into the sea and lots of phosphor surrounding us, and to top it off, dolphins show up! The phosphor lights up their bodies like comets as they play around guppy. Even little fish can be seen shooting off around the dolphins. The sunrise is magical as well, it promises us another quiet and sunny day. I am glad we are out of cell phone reach again 😉 The world distracts us too much and because of that, we forget to look around us. But this magical encounter we saw and I am grateful my young crew got to have this special experience.