Satellite train…

Magical encounter
2nd May 2021
Last miles of an amazing adventure
6th May 2021

The wind continues to be light for another day. We see more phosphor and also a lot more dolphins. The skies are clear and we see many stars, well,” stars”…  Satellites all in a row! Interesting, not much later we see another satellite train but this one is really huge, about 50 all in a row moving along the sky like a snake. Maybe it is part of the Elon musk program I wonder? Never saw anything like this before. Then slowly the wind and waves pick up, we are getting towards the North end of the bay of Biscay now, and Guppy is moving along fast and starting to surf of same waves. The kids have gotten really good at hearing and feeling when a wave will splash into the cockpit, within milliseconds hoodies go up, and the bowls of nuts and raisins which are our midnight snack get protected by several bodies huddling over it 😉 We laugh and continue snacking – sailing further north while doing satisfying 8 to 9 knots.