19th December 2021

Into the trade winds

After another full day of light winds and squalls, the wind slowly steadied out. The squalls also brought a fair bit of rain this time, rather […]
21st December 2021

Red sky at night, sailors delight

My hope for having found the trade winds receded a bit as it hasn’t picked up to its usual speed. The wind is still only varying […]
23rd December 2021

Guppy’s Christmas Bakery

We still have wind, a little patchy, and lots of squalls today, but we’re moving along nicely. Yesterday I got out my sextant again and did […]
25th December 2021

Merry Christmas from the Atlantic Ocean

The weather is a little squally and overcast, our young crews bright red Christmas hats and big smiles stand out in the grey/blue that is surrounding […]
27th December 2021

A lazy day

The wind has left, after all, we knew that would come, and even so, it’s always a bit sad to see it go… what remains is […]
29th December 2021

Only 160nm to go to Sint Maarten

Yesterday was another beautifully sunny day with little wind, but most of the day we were able to move under sail 🙂 It’s so much nicer […]
31st December 2021

Hello St.Martin & Happy New Year to Everyone!

As I got out for my early morning watch taking over from Sander I peered over the horizon as usual and spotted the shapes of landmasses […]
5th January 2022

Fixing the boom, Minicat sailing, and island exploring.

New year’s eve was spent playing hide and seek with the teens, eating cake and other yummy things, playing games, and finally having a dive into […]
13th January 2022

Caribbean Sailing & water skiing

Wow, time flies by fast when you’re having fun! After we got our mainsail back on our fixed boom and Guppy ready for sailing again we […]