30th August 2012

Cold massive waves

It was a pretty rough night. The winds turned around to west south west, blowing at about 25 knots. We are beating against waves and wind […]
2nd September 2012

Hoping to be in before the next storm

Yesterday was another interesting day, sailing close hauled at 25-30 knots of wind, I heard a loud flapping in the afternoon. The top of Guppy’s mainsail […]
3rd September 2012

Already love it here!

Yesterday as I came in there was a boat with cameras aboard filming my entrance into Whangarei and then some media, all really nice people. As […]
4th September 2012

Photo’s of the crossing: Tahiti – New Zealand.

The Whangarei heads laying ahead mysteriously. Pumice floating all around us. Great sailing! Living at an angle 😉 Town basin marina, very muddy because of the […]
7th September 2012

Making lots of new friends

I have really been enjoying the past few days in Whangarei. I’ve mainly been busy sorting out things like getting my driver’s license and doing media […]
12th September 2012

Picture update

14th September 2012

Passed for my Learners Driver License

My time in Whangarei has been really busy so far. The first couple days, media and people kept walking up the dock to Guppy, which didn’t […]
22nd September 2012

Just landed in New York!

New York is amazing. We arrived after traveling for 28 hours, so needed a good rest before going out to explore this amazing city. We went […]
24th September 2012

New York Photo’s

Spent my 17th Birthday on the water, sailing in front of Manhattan 🙂 Clipper City