4th June 2012

Saw a whale!

I totally forgot to mention that we saw a whale the first day out! Itwas not as close as the one in South Africa, so that […]
7th June 2012

Caught some flu while on land..

I’m finally recovered from my cold. Mweh, I felt so bad. But at leastthe weather is good. The winds have been awesome. We’ve made prettygood progress […]
9th June 2012

Making good progress

Yeah! We’re making great progress, doing an awesome 7 knots. The wind shifted a little more to the southeast so I poled out the Genoa last […]
11th June 2012

Time to keep writing my book

Blegh…the wind has dropped down the past few days, leaving usrolling at 3 knots over the calm blue empty sea. With the remainingswell, it makes things […]
13th June 2012

I don’t think Bruno is made to be a seafarer

The wind has come back a little and Guppy is doing 5 knots again. We’re just over halfway, with 1490 miles still to go. I love […]
15th June 2012

Where has the wind gone?!

Last night we saw dolphins. But with no moon and almost no phosphorescence in the water it was hard to see them jumping in front of […]
17th June 2012

Dolphins and big schools of fish

We are slowly getting there. There’s already a little bit more windand it has shifted to east, so it’s from behind now. The wind forecastsounds a […]
19th June 2012

Reflections on whats gone and what’s to come

There’s about 15 to 20 knots of wind now, occasional rain with morewind and it’s exactly from behind. The waves got a little higher soit’s more […]
21st June 2012

Racing a long at 7knots!

Last night we had 25 knots of wind and really confused cross seaswhich made life uncomfortable and sleeping very hard. But it’s alreadya whole lot better […]