8th January 2020

What makes a boat seaworthy?

What makes a boat seaworthy? You’re out shopping for a blue water cruising boat and people keep telling you it needs to be seaworthy, but what […]
27th April 2020

Come sail with us!

We have some exciting news!  We are incredibly grateful and happy for a yacht that has been made available for a period of time to the […]
27th August 2020

Out on the water with the new Ship

Our upcoming Atlantic Roundtrip starting in November with a group of teenagers between 12 & 16 years old is coming closer fast, we’re not sitting idle, […]
11th October 2020

She has officially become a Guppy.

The last months we have been working really hard to get Guppy in good shape and ready for our Atlantic Roundtrip starting in November 2020. After […]
16th November 2020

A bumpy ride

Written by Annabel (15) The start of our Atlantic crossing:At 11am all the participants came on board. After all family members and friends left, we had […]
21st November 2020

IJmuiden to Cherbourg

Written by Babs (14) Thursday:  We started sailing at 8 o’clock in the morning, because we had a weather window. After we left people came upstairs […]
29th November 2020

Sailing into the warmth

Written bij Guusje (16) Departure Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 The departure went like this, Laura, Sander, Leonie, Annabelle, Babs and I were awake to leave. The […]
2nd December 2020

Sailing past the portuguese coast

We had another lovely warm calm day. Periods of calm sailing with sometimes motoring in between. Reading, writing, watching dolphins and a beautiful moon rise and […]
3rd December 2020

Warmer everyday

No longer the need for gloves and hats at night. Smooth sailing and the quality of food made by our young crew is improving every meal […]