28th July 2012

Photo’s from our circus friends

Photo’s from the circus artist on their boat which is also a Jeanneau Gin Fizz in Marina Taina last friday.        
29th July 2012

Meeting lots of old friends :)

Still enjoying Tahiti, and I really love the surfing. Tonight there’sa party on a boat I met last year. It’s the grey catamaran I partiedwith in […]
31st July 2012

Some more photo’s

Our anchorage with Moorea on the background Marina Taina
3rd August 2012

A broken board

We’re still anchored in front of Marina Taina. The last few days Ihaven’t been surfing as much but I did fix a broken surfboard, whichnow I […]
6th August 2012

Surprise visit from a friend :)

My friend Jillian surprised me with a visit for a whole week. So wedecided to sail to Moorea, which is where we are now. We are […]
7th August 2012

Photo’s Moorea and Surfboard Repair

Fixing the surfboard Our friends on s/y Wet Lady
10th August 2012

A rough ride from Moorea to Tahiti

We are back in Tahiti after a rough ride against the wind coming backfrom Moorea. It was a fun trip despite the conditions. Jillian had herfirst […]
11th August 2012

Dinghy Surfing :)

I’ve been waiting for good waves to surf but since there weren’t any last couple days this was the first test of my new surfboard.  
12th August 2012

Finally on the way to New Zealand

We left Tahiti at noon today after getting our last fresh food and saying goodbye to some friends we made in the three weeks we have […]