16th March 2014

Yard Work

We’ve been doing some more work for Andy, on his boat Baltazar, which is still standing on the yard… One of the first times we met […]
20th May 2014

Sail to Tahiti on Gizmo

Arrival in Rarotonga for a quick fuel stop . Beautiful sunsets on the way First night sunset after leaving New Zealand. Gizmo under spinnaker in Light […]
21st May 2014

Sailed to French Polynesia

Well I suppose it really is time to write something again. Last month we where going for a day sail to Opua on Gizmo, a 60ft […]
3rd July 2014

Presentation Ideacity Toronto

Link Video Toronto
4th July 2014

Radio Interview

Link radio interview
6th July 2014

New York

Leaving the beautiful little town and the friendly people that we had stayed with in Tahiti, Daniel and I went through a massive culture shock. We […]
7th July 2014

Toronto & Westward bound

And so the fun begins 🙂 First stop, Toronto. I was presenting at Ideacity, a three-day conference that includes a lot of different speakers and topics. […]
8th July 2014

Teton & Yellowstone National parks

Just before reaching Teton, we got to a little town called Dubois. Dubois fascinated us by its beautiful log houses and cozy wild west atmosphere and […]
9th July 2014

Montana & Southwest bound

By now we had reached Montana and if anybody has done the math so far, this is very, very far away from the ocean… I had […]