22nd April 2023

Why couldn’t the pirates play cards?

We enjoyed another one and a half days of beautiful sailing, playing games and reading outside, bright stars at night and quiet sunny days. We even […]
24th April 2023

It’s getting colder

Most of the Saturday was very cloudy and rainy, but towards the night it started to clear up a bit and we only had light and […]
1st May 2023

Bye Bye Bermuda – Hello Ocean

After a couple of beautiful and fun days in Bermuda it’s time for our crossing to the Azores. We had waited for a little front to […]
3rd May 2023

Sailing with the Man o’ war

So far the weather has been amazing, great winds and mostly blue skies. Yesterday there was a lot of low cloud all the way around us, […]
5th May 2023

Halfway with wind, waves and lightning

On Thursday the wind and waves started to pick up, as we expected they would. For the next day a low pressure system would move over […]
7th May 2023

Dolphins and waves

Yesterday we sailed along very nicely, the wind got less and the waves smaller, by now the waves have been getting a lot smaller but not […]
9th May 2023

Applecake and Drizzle

Luckily we didn’t flap and roll around for too long, the waves started to smooth out pretty soon, but with the waves, the wind left as […]
11th May 2023

Sharks, Whales and Baby Dolphins!

Well, the rain is gone, but so is the wind. Of course it’s well known that there is often a high around the Azores, but not […]
18th May 2023

Dock paintings and Misty Walks

We had a great time exploring the Azores. Hiking around the caldera, eating at a vegan restaurant that only uses homegrown food and of course going […]