29th November 2013

Pictures Wind Dancer Delivery

12th January 2014


13th January 2014

Happy New Year :D

First of all, I wish everyone a very happy 2014!! As life kept me busy with exiting things, I didn’t get the chance to write much […]
12th February 2014

Weekend out on Guppy

As you can see on the pictures we have let Guppy out again. Going to the Hen and Chickens which is a group of islands just […]
15th February 2014

Saw an Albatross! :)

We got some wind and are making good progress after some calms before yesterday. Still the seas are nice and calm. We didn’t even have the […]
16th February 2014

45 Miles to go

Still 45 miles to go, we will most likely arrive tonight. All is well here, wind and seas are just beautiful and Guppy is doing around […]
17th February 2014

Arrived in Norfolk Island

We just anchored in Cascade bay, a little rolly but really not as bad as I thought it might be, so quiet happy with that. We […]
18th February 2014

Norfolk Island

Well, after a very enjoyable day on Norfolk we are out at sea again. So we are all cleared in and out of Norfolk island, with […]
19th February 2014

Squalls & Drizzle

We had a one hour squall in which we where able to sail the right course line, which was great but most of the time it’s […]