29th December 2020

A very peaceful day today. 

The promised 14kn of wind came and Guppy is sailing along very smoothly on a relatively calm sea. The sun also decided to come out, so it […]
30th December 2020

flying fish

The sea remains very calm so even though the wind sometimes drops, Guppy is able to continue sailing nicely. Today was spent reading, playing games and […]
31st December 2020

getting ready for new years eve 

Another cloudy but warm and lovely day. Especially as we had about 14knots of wind most of the day, so Guppy made some more progress. Now […]
1st January 2021

blowing the horn for New Year’s Eve

We celebrated New Year’s Eve at the time of our geographic location which is -2 utc. With some songs, music and of course blowing Guppy’s horn […]
2nd January 2021

Rain! Lots of it. 

We are now going through a little weather system that brings no wind, squalls and rain. Lots of it! The squalls sometimes bring some wind, so […]
3rd January 2021

boat maintenance

Around 4am the dark clouds around Guppy finally stop shedding rain curtains over us. Most of the night the wind is very variable, so we’re very […]
4th January 2021

Guppy found wind

This morning we’ve finished the spinnaker boom mast car, which is great because the wind has been returning and is now back from behind. Sadly the […]
5th January 2021

St. Pancake?..

A beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine which always makes me happy, because it means extra amps going into the batteries. The sea has been […]
6th January 2021

old school Navigation

The trade winds have really kicked in now and Guppy is peacefully rolling her way west. About 800nm to go. On dek, Annabelle and Sista are […]