6th December 2020

A new speed record!

After a short visit in La Coruna where our young crew has visited an old fort we jump on the next weather window and depart the […]
13th December 2020

Lava Rocks and Volcanoes

After a nice walk into the village Playa Blanca and a successful score at the car rental place we make our way back to Guppy to […]
15th December 2020

Gran Canaria & La Gomera

It’s still dark with just the slightest tint of pink behind us as we enter through the piers of the marina from Las Palmas. It’s a […]
19th December 2020

Dolphins & Poffertjes

We leave La Gomera around 3pm while a good wind is funneling through the islands, but soon the nice wind is gone and we slowly roll […]
20th December 2020

Guppy caught in a fishing line. 

With a good breeze from behind we nicely sail along at 7,5-8 knots. The waves have build a bit, so Guppy is being tossed around a […]
21st December 2020

not a single cloud

For the last two days we have been sailing through a bubble of many different shades of blue. The days and nights are incredibly clear, we […]
22nd December 2020

Cape Verde, Ahoy! 

During the early hours of another amazingly clear warm night we start to see a few lights on the horizon and as we get closer the […]
26th December 2020

Excursion on the Cape Verde

After a good full night of sleep we head back into Palmeira to clear out and try to find some fresh fruit and veggies. In the […]
28th December 2020

2100nm of blue ahead

We got up bright and early but don’t rush to leave, I am still a strong believer that good preparation is one the biggest keys to […]