8th January 2021

A sail on the horizon. 

Finally the trade winds have become how they should be, around 20-25knots 🙂 The waves of course have also built a little more.. During my night watch […]
9th January 2021

Guppy rolling forward

Babs had said to call the other yacht again at night, which was possible because they were still in reach of the vhf. The whole group […]
10th January 2021

What a day at sea looks like. 

Today has been one of those typical trade wind days. Blue ocean, blue sky, warm and sun. A squall in the evening or night and a […]
11th January 2021

Land Ahoy! 

Around 2pm a vague blob appears on the horizon, Babs immediately blows the Horn and yells, Land Ahoy! Since then time has slowed down onboard, as […]
12th January 2021

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean =D

The sun rapidly disappears below the horizon leaving the sky colored pink, red, yellow and purple. The last miles to Barbados are ticking away slowly as […]
14th January 2021

Minicat sailing :)

After all the morning duties have been done ( school, baking bread, cleaning) it’s minicat time! We dig out one of my two minicats we have […]
17th January 2021

Entering Paradise :)

I radioed the port frequently to see if our test results had come in, on the 15th a positive reply came back and all we had to […]
19th January 2021

Another day in paradise

The days fly by, in the mornings everyone makes their schoolwork and in the afternoon we either go ashore to explore the island or have a […]
22nd January 2021

Tres Hombres, Coconuts and Island vibes

The sun is slowly setting while we are still racing around the bay on the minicat. From afar a beautiful square rigged ship is approaching the […]