20th February 2014

Bobbing around

Currently bobbing around at 30.49S 169.49E. We ran the small engine for the night as there was no wind, Guppy can’t quiet get to 4kn though […]
21st February 2014

Still bobbing around

The wind dropped last night after we had sailed a little. We had to start the engine again, but the 10 hp Yanmar can’t get into […]
22nd February 2014

Bread, Pancakes & a new batten

The wind picked up again fairly soon after I wrote and we didn’t end up motoring, so that was good. Been going to much east all […]
23rd February 2014

Guppy is dancing

Well we’ve gotten into weather now. Guppy is dancing, two times reefed main, mizzen and storm jib. The speed has gone down quiet a bit as […]
24th February 2014

The wind shifted, Yay!

The Wind turned! yeay! So we tacked. The last two rough days, Daniel says he was slowly turning into a vegetable not being able to do […]
25th February 2014

Just a few more miles

Guppy went like a rocket for a couple hours and then the wind just turned straight south, south east again and we’re back to tacks… But […]
26th February 2014

Home again

We are all cleared in and sailing home to Town basin. Guppy with a big smile on her bow, doing another 1000 nm together. The wind […]
27th February 2014

Picture’s from our trip to Norfolk Island

A curious Albatross checking out on Guppy. Moonlight while seas are calm, some days are simply magical and indescribable With the Spinnaker up Guppy lays straight […]
15th March 2014

Hurricane Luci & Yard work

Cutting onions can be an emotional job, but there are good solutions available 🙂  Cleaning Guppy’s winches. Hurricane Luci passing Northland. Poles came out of the […]