14th December 2012

Recent Interviews

Germany Film: Film: Menschen Bilder Emotionen 2012   Introduced 1:53 to 3:40. The interview starts at 25:04. Tokio TV Interview
21st December 2012

Sydney – Hobart race

I’ve spent more than fifty hours on airplanes over the last few weeks, not even including time in airports. It feels great to finally be back […]
1st January 2013

Happy New Year!

To everyone, the very best wishes for 2013! This New Year’s was a bit different from last year. I did spend it on a yacht again, […]
4th January 2013

Top Stories 2012

Top stories 2012
12th January 2013

delivery of Akatea, Hobart – Auckland

The delivery trip on Akatea back to Auckland from Hobart was really good. We left a day later than planned because Akatea hit something during the […]
20th January 2013

Back on Guppy and sailing again

After a week on the farm, poor Guppy wanted to see me again. After all, I had only spent one day with her after the trip […]
24th January 2013

I bought a car!

My first car! Guppy in the marina of Tutukaka
15th February 2013

Little Adventures

It’s been quite a while since my last blog. Even though I don’t travel as much as I used to, there’s still so much happening and […]
16th February 2013

Working at Dive! Tutukaka