26th April 2012

Pictures Bonaire – San Blas

San Blas Islands. Baking pancakes on a friends yacht San Blas Islands, amazing sunset Bruno playing the Ukulele              
27th April 2012

More lightning, no wind and lots of mosquitos!

We left the San Blas pretty fast, as there was really no wind and the bugs and mosquitoes were just eating us alive, while at night […]
1st May 2012

Photo’s of adventure’s in Panama

Panama City Camping in the jungle Playing some Ukele while discovering Panama City
10th May 2012

Photo’s of the Panama Canal Transit

Panama City skyline Lake Gatun Our litte Kitten ”Kiwi” Crew member Shaoul
11th May 2012

Back in the Pacific Ocean

We’ve been on the Pacific side now for two days. The transit waswonderful. We didn’t have a drop of rain and had to wait less than […]
15th May 2012

Seasick Crew & fouled propellors..

Saturday afternoon we left Panama City heading towards the Galapagos. So far progress has been really, really slow. And the trip has been pretty interesting too. […]
17th May 2012

Kiwi is finding her sea legs

There is still a lot of rain and squalls and sometimes a lot of wind because of the squalls like right now.. argh! Okay, the squall […]
18th May 2012

Slow progress..

Meeh, progress is so slow…There is just enough wind to sail but right against us, so we can either go south…or west. We’ve come about 50 […]
19th May 2012

More wind but still right on the nose!

The cat enjoys the sailing so far: sleeps, plays, eats, and gets fatter by the day. I made a little harness for her so she lives […]