28th March 2021

Our last days in the Caribbean

After a few more days in Fort the France to be sure the recovery from one of the teens went as we wished for, we headed […]
29th March 2021

Bye-bye Caribbean

We left Ile des Saintes late afternoon, after some more exploring, swimming, and a nice big bbq party on board guppy. The first hours are nice […]
30th March 2021

Guppy flying along,

As the evening nears Annika and Florian make a yummy meal which consistes out of cabbage, carrot, onion, potatoes, and smoked sausage and went down really […]
1st April 2021

a huge fish,

After three days of sailing with lots of spray and salt on deck, Neptune decides to give us a break. The waves and wind calm down […]
3rd April 2021

Sailing through a painting of meteorology lessons

April starts with one of the most beautiful days so far. The weather is calm but Guppy still has enough wind to sail, even when just […]
5th April 2021

Happy Easter and flying lasagna

Two days ago Lucas and I decided that we wanted to make lasagne for dinner. We had made it twice before with Florian, so we thought […]
7th April 2021

Mysterious light… 

For the past two nights, Guppy has been sailing through lots of heavy lightning and squalls, making the night watches even more exciting. However, somehow the […]
9th April 2021

Squalls and lightning

The nights of squalls and lightning continue. The wind has been around 25 to 30kn, and Guppy is sailing under staysail double reefed main and single […]
11th April 2021

Getting colder and a slippery floor

The weather has calmed down considerably. No more lightning at night, and just a few squalls with max 40kn of wind. Guppy is sailing along really […]