Atlantic Trip 20/21

2nd January 2021

Rain! Lots of it. 

We are now going through a little weather system that brings no wind, squalls and rain. Lots of it! The squalls sometimes bring some wind, so […]
3rd January 2021

boat maintenance

Around 4am the dark clouds around Guppy finally stop shedding rain curtains over us. Most of the night the wind is very variable, so we’re very […]
4th January 2021

Guppy found wind

This morning we’ve finished the spinnaker boom mast car, which is great because the wind has been returning and is now back from behind. Sadly the […]
5th January 2021

St. Pancake?..

A beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine which always makes me happy, because it means extra amps going into the batteries. The sea has been […]
6th January 2021

old school Navigation

The trade winds have really kicked in now and Guppy is peacefully rolling her way west. About 800nm to go. On dek, Annabelle and Sista are […]
8th January 2021

A sail on the horizon. 

Finally the trade winds have become how they should be, around 20-25knots 🙂 The waves of course have also built a little more.. During my night watch […]
9th January 2021

Guppy rolling forward

Babs had said to call the other yacht again at night, which was possible because they were still in reach of the vhf. The whole group […]
10th January 2021

What a day at sea looks like. 

Today has been one of those typical trade wind days. Blue ocean, blue sky, warm and sun. A squall in the evening or night and a […]
11th January 2021

Land Ahoy! 

Around 2pm a vague blob appears on the horizon, Babs immediately blows the Horn and yells, Land Ahoy! Since then time has slowed down onboard, as […]