Upcoming presentations:

21st of March 2019, Presentation, Heerenveen - (Dutch)  Closed Audience
22nd of March 2019 - Rotkreuz, Switserland (German) Closed Audience
23rd of March 2019 - Frankfurt (German) Closed Audience
25th of March 2019 - Deutschlandberg, Austria (German) Closed Audience
28th of March 2019 - Bratislava, Film festival,  Presentation Laura Dekker. 
10th of October 2019 - Austria,  Beady days,  Presentation Laura Dekker. 
 17th of October 2019, Groningen Noorder Test event.  (Dutch)  Closed Audience
23th of May 2019 - Hamburg, Entrepreneurs’ Organization - Presentation Laura Dekker. 

Would you also like a motivational presentation for your club, conference or business? I give them in English, Dutch or German